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While our journey's may be very different, the underlying truth of our Shared Human Experience remains the same.

Perhaps sharing the epiphanies & realizations of my journey inspire you to realize that underneath it all we are all the same; there is no other.

Meditation & Pranayama

Perhaps an overly simplified definition of meditation is... an intentionally focused presence in the present moment. Or more simply... Being in the present moment.

Walking, sitting, standing, knitting, breathing, thinking, a body scan... really any activity can be meditative; so long as we continue to bring our full attention/presence around to what we have chosen to focus on.

When I was first learning meditation (body scans) during my mindfulness course, I thought I was failing because of all the distractions I experienced... that my mind wasn't calming. Therein lay the lesson... that the mind is not a calm place... thoughts come and go.

What was in my power to calm was my reaction and acceptance of what I was labeling distractions. That instead of seeing/judging the distraction as a failure, I could acknowledge and observe the rising of another thought, then let it go, and return my attention to the focus of my meditation without reaction. Accepting the impermanence of things outside of our control... including thoughts.

Lately, I've been really enjoying what I've experienced on Jessica Richburg's YouTube Channel... below are some great meditation examples.

For Pranayama (breathwork meditations), my favorite app is called Prana Breath; however, it's only available for Android. It is a completely free application with donation options, as well a guru unlock for every feature; providing developer support. My absolute favorite setting is Harmony.

Another free option for both Android and iPhone is simply called Pranayama; however that is the paid/unlocked version.  My suggestion would be to try out the free editions first; named Pranayama Free for Android and Universal Breathing - Pranayama Lite for iPhone.

  • It's Always hug o'clock!