We have been buying gluten free desserts from Goodies for a few years, but had tended to avoid them lately with the switch to Paleo; to keep the sugars and grain flours away.  Our thought was to make a Paleo exception for our wedding reception meal and dessert, and our original idea was to order the individual sized desserts from Goodies for each guest and forgo the traditional wedding cake. So we went to Goodies today to order our desserts, and ended up walking out having ordered wedding cakes! What we were surprised about was that the price difference between the individual desserts and wedding cake was really negligible (less than $50). We liked the new trend of not layering the tiers to make one big cake, but rather staging them individually on the cake table. The image on the left represents the basic style that the cake will be decorated with; except that all of the chocolate shavings/logs will be purple.  The image on the right is shown just to illustrate what I meant by making tiers on the cake table.

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