My wife has been off work for over a month now, having suffered with a bizarre chain of (what's been summarized as) infections (UTI, sinus, ear, then kidney?) which (western medicine felt) impacted her blood cell counts/levels.  I believe in the end they labelled her with pancytopenia, basically an autoimmune condition to our understanding.

My online research (which kept bringing me back to Robb Wolf's site) hinted towards a hormonal root cause:

  • It’s in the Blood: When it Rains it Pours, this post initially created the link in my mind between symptoms of urinary bladder discomfort like frequency, urgency, frequent infections and the effects of low/high estrogen levels in women
  • and the Testimonial – Female Hormones: Finding Balance post introduced options to control hormonal imbalance / estrogen dominance... namely DIM (diindolylmethane) for specific estrogen leveling and Calcium D-glucarate which would also help to find balance through detoxification.

Before we did anything ourselves, we thought it might be a good idea to seek a Naturopathic Doctor.  This experience ended up being short lived, but not before we at least had a saliva test which should have told us about her endocrine / hormonal system. Hence the reason behind the ended ND experience, low/no result interpretation. We left knowing only that her cortisol levels were high in the morning and in the evening.

Today, our Paleo Approach book and cook book arrived and my wife devoured it... learning many things:

  • It explained her cortisol issues well and learned that her symptoms indicated chronic high cortisol… which can be managed by diet and lifestyle changes:
    • Resistance training
    • Walking
    • Sunlight
    • More social interactions to increase oxytocin
  • Need to eat more ferments (healing leaky gut)
  • Need to eat much more organ meat, the more the better, and of various types (not just liver).
  • Need more consistency with sleeping habits, even across the weekends
  • Best exercise is resistance based

We will be following the Autoimmune protocol for a while and placed an order for the DIM (diindolylmethane) and Calcium D-glucarate, which should be arriving in the next couple weeks via Amazon.

Sarah Ballantyne is the author of the autoimmune books we purchased and has more information on her Paleo Mom website.

Thank You Robb & Sarah for providing our inspiration behind good health and healing!


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