It is hard for me to decide where to begin sharing my healing journey with you; there have been so many shifts along the way, and no one shift was more important than any other.

I believe that my healing path started very early in life. I attracted people with great amounts of emotional pain and dark secrets that they were too embarrassed to share at first. I was also a very insightful child, behaving much older that I actually was, and others often approached me for help. This is how I know I have been here, in this world, before; because of the things I knew without having had the relevant life experiences yet. Once I finished high school, I was already engaged in helping others with wisdom and guidance, but wanted more. I knew that healing takes many forms and that medicine was only a small part of that healing. I went to university to fine tune my skills of assessment and intervention for people experiencing emotional, physical, and spiritual pain.

Working within the western medical system, I had discovered various barriers and limits in promoting health and healing; such as treating the symptoms, not the disease or root cause. We all know the incredible benefits of this system, but there are gaps, and many people that fall into them. I was taught that talking through painful life experiences was key, but as I spoke with others about their pain, I felt that there must be a better way. I found that while some did recover by talking about those experiences, there were others that did not. I knew there had to be an alternative way, but didn’t know which direction to go. My journey proceeded, but not in the way I expected.  

The tables turned for me when I became sick myself. I was young, only in my early twenties, and barely treading water as I tried using all the skills I learned from school, life experience, and work; and as the years went on, I began to drown. I was not only surrounded by my own pain and disbelief, that I had developed an emotional illness, but also the pain of others. Eventually I hit my dark night and needed to make a choice on whether I would live or drown. I, of course, chose life but it was not an easy decision. I needed to come to terms with asking for help, feelings of vulnerability, and the inability to let things go due to my misperceptions of identity. Human life can be very complicated, but I have learned that we make it so through our beliefs and the choices we make.

Now, I am not this incredible being that jumped in with both feet; I needed to learn to trust myself and the universe that had given me all that I needed. I began slowly trying new therapies and approaches to healing and through this exercise I realized that healing is all encompassing. Healing involves even the smallest most natural aspect of life such as eating, thinking and expressing. I learned that yes, you need to talk about your pain, but you also need to talk about your bliss. I learned that when I used my body and voice to release pain, I had deeper and more profound healing. This is where my greatest shifts started. I had transitioned from just talking about my pain, unhealthily reliving it over and over, to actively releasing it.

Releasing emotional pain through the physical body helped me to reconnect with my internal dialogue. Before, I felt sad without knowing the reason; this reconnection helped me understand the why. I learned that muscle has memory and just because you survived the experience didn’t mean you were not marked by it. Energy is never created, nor destroy, but it can be transformed. The negative experience left an imprint in my body that I carried it wherever I went, until I learned how to release it. Release occurs on many levels; physically, emotionally and spiritually. My muscles held my pain and through release I made room for healing, love, and joy in my life. The power in emotional expression can come through running, crying with sound or other physical exertion activity, all which was rewarding.

However, during this time, I also discovered that my organ systems that dealt with stress and recovery where depleted. You see, the energy that it takes the human body to just do its automatic responses, such as keeping you breathing, need to be replenished. It’s incredible the power of proper nutrition and healthy thinking. Poisons come in all different shapes and sizes. They are the toxins you eat, the toxins you breathe and pick up from your environment, and the toxins you think. I had always been told to go inside; now I apply this knowledge in a new light. My husband, the incredible man that he is, had been undergoing his own journey and thankfully he shared his knowledge and expertise with me. He knew a lot about nutrition but began digging deeper into whole foods that can nourish and support the body systems. This is when we discovered that inflammation seemed to be an enemy of mine; as it unknowingly is for many others as well. At his advice, I began to remove all things from my diet that caused inflammation to my internal organs. This lead to the realization that gluten and dairy were large culprits that kept me from getting well. I learned how to eat to support my body and started feeling happier, healthier, and more energetic. I never realized how powerful the body was and how important true nutrition was until I was shown.

I then dove deeper into the true power of consciousness, positive thought and visualization. I stumbled onto techniques that helped connect the conscious mind and issues to be shifted through muscle testing, healings through sound therapy by Tom Kenyon, and the strength of a positive thought. I discovered that while the vibration of a positive thought feels lighter than a negative thought, it is more powerful. I learned that it takes less energy to think positively than it does to think and spew negative thoughts, and that positive thinking can assist in the healing process. A positive thought can raise you up while negative thinking acts as an anchor; assisting in keeping you low, sad, and drowning. I learned a lot about how vibration works and used these tools to assist in my own healing, and continue to do this as I grow and change. I have also learned various meditations to help me connect with spirit, my inner guides and my sub consciousness which aid me in my path of growth and discoveries. As my healing continued I realized that I always had everything I needed, I just didn’t know how to use what I had already known. I am excited to say, that now I do know and feel peace in this very thought; that I am never alone and that I have all that I need.

I began reading books from Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer and Greg Braden. All incredible minds, and each with a message that can change your life. By this time, I had done so much healing I wanted to learn techniques to help others heal more effectively, giving people more tools to use on their own journey. I began practicing techniques that challenged me to look at my thoughts. By this time, my own psychic gifts were growing beautifully, every day was full of discoveries and ah-ha moments. I had already learned reiki techniques, shamanism concepts and journeying, and spiritual development, and was able to work with energies to help others; all driven by my own healing and discoveries. This was around the time when I learned the ThetaHealing Technique® that gave me the ability to change my own programs or ways of seeing the world. It was life changing and I routinely use this technique on myself to further my own healing and look forward to helping others shift using this technique.

For more on this technique check out this site: http://www.thetahealing.com/about-thetahealing.html

My healing is not over. Healing, growth, and change happen throughout our lifetime. Now with all my new experience and learned tools, I am able to stand strong against emotional pain and help others do the same. Life is truly incredible and everything happens for a reason. I now incorporate many techniques that continue to help me shift, and love teaching these techniques to all those that feel they are ready to do the same. Welcome the shift. No matter how scary or daunting it may seem, I promise it gets better, you will make shifts. I did it, and so will you.

Thank you for allowing me to share my story. Blessings for your highest good.


Your friend,

Betty Anne


Some days, I wish I had realized earlier in life that Nutrition was a real passion for me.  But then I remember that who I am today is a direct result of the journey I've traveled so far; so upon re-examination, I wouldn't change a thing.  My intention for each day going forward is that I follow my bliss. As you may be able to tell by that last statement, Joseph Campbell has been a great influencer in my life.

I think I'd have to say that my interest in Nutrition started after my first visit to a live blood analyst.  A friend of the family had told us that their daughter had received amazing improvements in her Crohn's after following the guidance of one, and I instantly felt that I should get checked out.  Other than aches/pains & being overweight, I didn't know what I didn't know, and sought knowledge of my issues and corrective actions.  At my first appointment, the individual used iridology and live blood analysis to diagnose issues I had at that time (with uncanny accuracy) and the treatment suggested included supplements and a change in diet.  Unknowingly, this was my introduction to Eat for You Blood Type.  The basic premise being that your blood type could be used to determine how different foods would react in your system; would they be beneficial (healing), neutral (used for energy), or an avoid (act as a toxin, or cause issues).  For the most part, when I stuck to eating the beneficial foods only, losing 80 lbs was accepted as good success... but I didn't find that I had an overall feeling of good health.  I felt I should expand my eating choices in case I was missing something, and started introducing more of the neutral foods.  It ended up that many of these foods were high carbs, and I found myself gaining weight again, which was the wrong direction of improvement I sought.

After half a decade, I decided to research for a healthier way to eat.  Food Combining was the first of the many I'd researched that peaked my interest.  The basic premise being that a person needs to consider which digestion path (alkaline/bile or stomach acid) they want to occur before deciding if what they're going to eat is mainly carbs (alkaline/bile digestion) or mainly protein/fats (acid digestion).  It was suggested that absorption issues would arise if you mixed high carbs and high proteins in one meal.  While I never adopted this style of eating, it did start to build a case in my mind for how "wrong" the Canadian Food Guide, really is... and had completely cemented once I read Denise Minger's post on the history of what influenced today's food guides.  What Denise provided me was a needed push towards Raw/Whole Foods.

With my eye's opening, I quickly discovered and switched to eating Paleo.  The things that I appreciate the most about Paleo are that it truly is a life style, and its flexible protocols to chose from based on individual goals and/or needs.  Other than influencing what I eat, it has changed my sleeping habits, inspired me to make my own personal care products (soap, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, and toothpaste) to limit my exposure to toxins that can be absorbed by my skin, to transition from cooking with non-stick pots & pans to cast iron, and make probiotics/ferments (water kefir and sauerkraut) to ensure the natural flora in my intestines is maintained; to name just a few.  It is because of this broad scope of influences, that I feel it is best to say that I am now on a Health & Nutrition Journey.

Thanks to the many influences of Paleo, I have dropped to 245 lbs (60 lbs more loss than I had on the Blood Type Diet, for a total loss of at least 150 lbs), I have stopped using my CPAP because of Sleep Apnea, my sense of taste is renewed now that my body is no longer desensitized by damaging processed foods, I have an overall feeling of good health, and can feel/see the impacts to my body when I "cheat".

Many friends, family, and co-workers have been inspired enough by my end results to work with me to make positive changes in their lives as well.  Improved sense of well being, never knowing their bodies could feel so good, elimination of joint pain, and weight loss are only a few of the inspiring stories/testimonials that they have shared with me. It was these moments that clued me into the fact that my bliss was staring me in the face.

I love to ask "why"; it's in my nature to want to understand something I'm interested in as deeply as I can.  I could simply choose to "have faith" in the compiled knowledge of others that I have collected up to this point, but I'd rather put myself into a position of "knowing" the human body and how it's health is impacted by what nutrition we put into it. I want to be in a position where I can knowingly agree, disagree, or dive deeper into a Health & Nutrition topic.  For example, I want to understand what makes food choices like Paleo suggests work, and to be in a position to confidently make adjustments or improve upon it... if possible.

It's pretty incredible to have helped so many people (including myself) while relying on the compiled knowledge of others up to this point, and I believe that tells me that I am on the right track.  Looking forward to continuing helping people as my new career; once I have completed my course in Wholistic Nutrition.

One day soon we will meet, where I will be your Wholistic Nutritionist!


I woke up Monday morning to a dead battery in my car.  In hindsight, I realize it had slowly been dying over the past couple weeks... the "turning radio off to conserve battery" every time I shut off the car was saying it loud and clear.

Luckily my local dealer validated that the battery was faulty and replaced it with a new one the other day... but my Drone didn't fully recover.  I wasn't getting all notifications any more, nor the GPS location updates.

The dealer was stumped, so I opened a support ticket today with Drone, explained what happened, and they reset something from their end (I think it was the module in my car) which put everything back into working order.

But I think my support rep has a concern about my install as he stated that...

If this problem happens again, I would suggest visiting the dealer so they can confirm what port the DroneMobile device is plugged into.

An important nugget to keep track of moving forward me thinks!


We'd been having issues with our existing front load HE Maytag washer since December, but it wasn't until some recent diagnostics (failed bearings) that Ashley's told us they'd rather we picked out a new washer instead of fixing ours and gave us an in-store credit. We walked into the store to pick out new top load HE Maytag two days ago, and it's already delivered and in place today!

The delivery men advised us not to use it until tomorrow as it had been on the truck since last night... and any water still inside from the factory would likely be frozen. Best to let the unit completely thaw before turning it on. Good thinking!

I'm quite pleased by how easily our warranty experience was handled, and how quickly we were back in business with a new washer.  The only money we chose to pay was to add extended warranty to the new unit... awesome!


It's been eating too many green eggs and ham!

First time I ever saw a chicken with a "grass stain" on the inside... cooked or not.

I'm glad I decided to cut the entire chicken before eating any of it too.  And totaly not interested in finding out how sick I would have gotten.


After finding that the impressive 1 mile range of my CompuStar Remote Start & Alarm meant nothing in the denseness of the tall city buildings (I'm guessing all that steel in the way); I gave myself a late Christmas present by having the Drone Mobile installed as a companion to my PRO 2-WAY 901.

The install came with three months of the "basic" plan, which should be ample time to determine if it has any shortfalls that would push me to the premium plan.  It sure was a wake-up call to how the Canadian dollar fares against the $299 USD price tag... almost $370 CDN!  ouch! ><

Here are some good troubleshooting tips which I unfortunately needed to use on my first day with my Drone/Compustar combo... The Dealer seemed to get it going again (a la “exit valet mode”) but it always end up failing to start again. My internet research told me that the compustar “brain” has lost what it means for the remote start to know it has succeeded, and “locks out” the function after three “failed” attempts:

I've owned my Xerox Phaser 6180N for a few years now, and obviously I am not a huge ink consumer since I have only ever had the factory cartridges that came with the unit until my black started running out over the past week.  In fact, I still have 80% toner in one of the colour cartridges, and 60% in the other two.  But I found it hard to convince myself to buy official Xerox replacement ink when the cost of it was so close to the original purchase price of the printer... ummm, no thanks.  I'd rather buy a new printer at those prices.

So I started looking online for alternatives and eventually found TonerOnline.ca.  What I appreciated the most was their no hassle warranty and the excellent conversation I had over the phone... looking to get more comfortable with purchasing "generic".  Obviously they said everything right as I decided to place my order for an entire set of colours, not just the black I really needed.  They happened to have a little sale on, and I do like to capitalize on sales... especially at these prices!

5ec42c6f59e935957d6082186186065e.jpg After almost two years of owning my Ford Fusion, and having a credit with my local dealer (Birchwood Ford), I finally bit the bullet and decided to go with an aftermarket system I was familiar with.  My thought originally was to wait and install the Ford Access product, but it wasn't looking like they were going to release it for my 2013 model.  My dealer's assurance to warranty the install helped to clinch the deal, which netted a sweet $0 purchase after applying the credit I had... making it a Merry Christmas to me! I'm going to enjoy my PRO 2-WAY 901!


  • I'm thankful that the shower head broke off in my hand this morning instead of tomorrow when the stores are closed
  • I'm thankful that Home Depot was open when I got off work and had a shower head I liked
  • I'm thankful that I can continue to shower happily with my easy to replace new shower head

As part of my wife's Birthday this year (she's born on Christmas Day) I decided to take her out for diner and a movie.

We first stopped of at Tony Roma's and had a fantastic meal; they really worked hard to try put something Paleo together for us!

The movie playing this evening was the The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies in 3D.  I haven't been to many 3D movies, and can say that I did enjoy the extra dimension overall.  My wife had hoped to see more movie about Smaug, so was rather disappointed with how quickly into the movie he exited.  Dragon's aside, we did enjoy the story and were very entertained by the final chapter.

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