We'd been having issues with our existing front load HE Maytag washer since December, but it wasn't until some recent diagnostics (failed bearings) that Ashley's told us they'd rather we picked out a new washer instead of fixing ours and gave us an in-store credit. We walked into the store to pick out new top load HE Maytag two days ago, and it's already delivered and in place today!

The delivery men advised us not to use it until tomorrow as it had been on the truck since last night... and any water still inside from the factory would likely be frozen. Best to let the unit completely thaw before turning it on. Good thinking!

I'm quite pleased by how easily our warranty experience was handled, and how quickly we were back in business with a new washer.  The only money we chose to pay was to add extended warranty to the new unit... awesome!


# Daniel Isfeld 2015-02-08 20:49
I wasn't sure about the sounds our new washer was making until I watched the video I added to the bottom of my post.
I never expected a top load to sound so different from a front load... but at least the video put my mind at ease.

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