These pictures are of the ice at the transition between the sloped yard and the deck where I slipped and fell on my back while unloading the car into our chalet. They represent the before and after I asked for grit/salt to be laid down to prevent further incidents. I'm pretty sure the initial lady behind the counter was staff, but I ensured I made a second appearance and met who I believed to be one of the owners, and all I can say is that she came across very unapologetic and unconcerned. I guess the fact that I was standing in front of her instead of laying on an ambulance stretcher precluded courtesy and concern. Little did she know how much time I spent in the steam shower and jaccuzi to get enough comfort to be present. Our chalet is amazing, but apparently the people... not so much unfortunately. Don't they know their liabilities? Maybe that's my purpose here... education...

There are definitely some chiro/massage appointments in my future to help healing and lessen my aches and pains. I'll be sure to keep my receipts I think.

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# Daniel Isfeld 2014-03-31 10:30
Visited my chiropractor today.... verdict:
1) 3 ribs were out
2) hips rotated
3) neck/back misalignment

$30 to start the healing
# Daniel Isfeld 2014-04-01 20:23
Visited the Massage Therapist and Chiropractor today. Lots of tightness in the muscles and more adjustments to make / remake.

Another $30 for Chiro and $48 for massage pushes the recovery investment from Pinewood's neglect to $108.

Next appointment for both is on Friday, with 2 more scheduled next week. Then a re-assessment of the treatment path.
# Daniel Isfeld 2014-04-04 17:21
3rd treatment session today included both massage (45 minutes) @ $68 and chiro @ $30.

Total out of pocket so far due to Pinewood's neglect: $206

Applying heat is also helping. Going to try reduce the sessions to one every week.
# Daniel Isfeld 2014-04-09 17:26
4th treatment session today included both massage (30 min) @ $48 and Chiro @ $30.

This brings the total to $284.

Made great progress today. Chiropractor finally released a trouble spot in the neck, and massage therapist worked out a tight muscle along the tailbone.
# Daniel Isfeld 2014-04-14 17:28
5th treatment session today included both massage (30 min) @ $48 and Chiro @ $30.

This brings the total to $362. Thanks for the memories Pinewood!

The good news is that I was still fairly loose after last weeks session... no more intense muscle knots and good spine movement. The plan is to try return to my normal "4 week" schedule after today's appointment... but since that appointment is 2 weeks away, only time will tell if I can do it or not. Fingers crossed!

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