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While our journey's may be very different, the underlying truth of our Shared Human Experience remains the same.

Perhaps sharing the epiphanies and realizations of my journey also inspire you to realize that underneath it all we are all the same.

Food Combining

The proper combination of foods has had much said on it and there has been some controversy. From all the known facts and informed opinions leads to one conclusion.Despite encountering resistance from those to whom the idea is a new one, those to whom eating bread and potatoes with meats seems so natural that they can't accept the thought that such a combination is a bad one. Many of our oldest habits are unsound and should be changed, not lightly or for a whim, but with convincing reason.

Food combining was an interesting discovery that peaked my interest for a couple weeks.  I only knew to look for it as it was another seed planted by the live blood analyst I had visited.  Hers was a lighter/simpler version on a hand-out, but named the same.  This was an interesting concept to read about in more detail than I originally had, but again, I did not see a reason where Paleo would not be able to fit the bill as well:

  1. Eating meat/protein with good fats/oils fit well with acid digestion, and 
  2. Accompany it with plenty of veggies (and some fruits) from the low to medium Glycemic Index (GI) so they weren't a high-carb to working against the acidic digestion.

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Food For Thought

Picture the goals you desire in as much detail as possible.
Experience your chosen outcome with all your senses, as though you've already achieved it.
Hold that thought, then send it out into the universe with your love and thanks. 

Jane Struthers, Attracting Abundance 


Each day is a new opportunity. Yesterday is over and done. Today is the first day of my future. 

Louise Hay, I Can Do It Cards