Following Michelle's (Nom Nom Paleo) recipe for "hand whisked" Paleo Mayo has had some mixed successes, with the issue being that I'm just not dexterous enough to maintain the whisking.  In the past, I'd also tried and failed using our Vitamix to make other homemade mayo recipes.

The solution?  Introduce the mayo to our Kitchenaid to do all the whisking!

Getting a lovely thick Mayo also made a huge difference to the Paleo Ranch dressing recipe we had also tried.  We had found it too thin before, and the mayo thickness was obviously the key.

Today, we activated our decision to increase our organ meat consumption... the plan being that we would add an equal proportion of ground beef to heart, liver, and tongue that we would grind ourselves (all grass fed of course from McDonald Farm), store it, and make whatever we wanted from it as time went by. Unfortunately, we didn't really prepare the storage part to coincide with what ended up being at least twenty pounds of ground beef and organs.  Our intention was to pickup some butcher/freezer paper... but that hadn't happened yet.

So what do do with 20 pounds of ground meat?  I had forgotten that we had gone to d. a. Niel's three weeks ago to check out their sale on cast for any skillets larger than our trusty 10 inch.  We found that their sale prices were much better than Amazon, and we purchased a 19 inch skillet as our future ""anything big we put in the over pan" (like a turkey), and put our name down on a 13.25 inch skillet as our new stove top "beast".

I wiped down our new 19 inch skillet, seasoned the meat, and cooked it in the oven as a huge meatloaf... Delicious!

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I found what turned out to be a fantastic roast turkey recipe online; such a juicy bird having cooked it breast down instead of the traditional back down.  The turkey was also one of the ones we had ordered from McDonald Farm, and boy was it delicious!

c5d830a372150c0cea43959f98661c25.JPG c535f934f1798a728c8ffa5430c157f7.JPG

I wish I had thought of taking a picture of the raw grass-fed kidney; but i think you can still tell how it sort of has a brain shape but with larger nodules.  Certainly was an unexpected shape when I opened the package, but it sizzled in the cast iron pan just as well as liver.

The kidney was still a touch frozen, which I felt was a good thing as it made it easier to "butterfly", wanting to reduce it's thickness closer to liver so I could hopefully use the same organ recipe and cooking times.

The recipe I use is from The Stone Age Diet book, and basically goes like this (citing from memory now):

  • Rinse and drain organ meat
  • Place in a bowl, drizzle with olive oil, and let it soak in the fridge for at least an hour
  • Introduce it (oil and all) to the frying pan and cook.
  • Move to plate and drizzle a bit more olive oil, squeeze on some lemon juice, and sprinkle with Oregano or Thyme (I used Thyme)

I'm sure I over cooked it because I was seeking to have the meat show a consistent colour all the way through, which isn't possible.  As you can tell from the cross section on the plate, the kidney is multi-colour inside; almost resembling a cooked mushroom.

c63e7bd69a7d5a0ecba0e57e485c9cf6.jpg ee6f9af823092aabedfc27a4695ae089.jpg

I can honestly say that I did enjoy eating the kidney. The texture of the meat reminded me of eating chicken/turkey hearts, and the flavour was very much like liver, but stronger; and I think this is what makes Thyme the perfect spice to accompany it. Next time I will probably try add the spice while it is cooking.

Very simple recipe that can be easily modified for quick and easy snacks.  Thank You Sarah!

It looks like this method for making peppermint extract is based off of one for vanilla extract... makes one think that making extracts in general is pretty simple.  Thank You Sarah!

The only issue these days is finding a farmer that will sell you the RAW milk in order to make RAW butter.  Solve that issue, and you'll now have the recipe on hand!  Thank You Joel!

Various condiment recipes courtesy of The Blender Girl website.  Thank You Tess!

Food For Thought

Every day, do at least one thing that you truly love and which brings you joy. 
Revel in what you are doing, even if you can only spare a few minutes for it.

Jane Struthers, Attracting Abundance


Everyone I encounter at work today has my best interests at heart. 

Louise Hay, I Can Do It Cards

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