Today, we activated our decision to increase our organ meat consumption... the plan being that we would add an equal proportion of ground beef to heart, liver, and tongue that we would grind ourselves (all grass fed of course from McDonald Farm), store it, and make whatever we wanted from it as time went by. Unfortunately, we didn't really prepare the storage part to coincide with what ended up being at least twenty pounds of ground beef and organs.  Our intention was to pickup some butcher/freezer paper... but that hadn't happened yet.

So what do do with 20 pounds of ground meat?  I had forgotten that we had gone to d. a. Niel's three weeks ago to check out their sale on cast for any skillets larger than our trusty 10 inch.  We found that their sale prices were much better than Amazon, and we purchased a 19 inch skillet as our future ""anything big we put in the over pan" (like a turkey), and put our name down on a 13.25 inch skillet as our new stove top "beast".

I wiped down our new 19 inch skillet, seasoned the meat, and cooked it in the oven as a huge meatloaf... Delicious!

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Food For Thought

Smile--even when you feel under the weather or unhappy.
The simple action of smiling releases chemicals that will lower your blood pressure, stimulate your immune system and lift your mood. 

Jane Struthers, Attracting Abundance


I know that when I do my best at my job, I will be rewarded in all sorts of ways. 

Louise Hay, I Can Do It Cards

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