We had decided before Christmas that we wanted to install a water filter that would help reduce/eliminate the heavy chlorine that would often be in our water.  The thought process started with a simple shower-head chlorine filter; but it wasn't too hard to think of other water to filter... so the whole-house filter was the cheaper and biggest bang option.

The entire project cost was under $215 (not counting my dads consumables like flux, solder, etc...):

  • Princess Auto - Filter housing, chlorine/sediment filter, mounting bracket, pipe cleaner, and shut-off valves ~$172
  • Canadian Tire - copper pipe, caps, elbows, and Tee ~$23
  • Home Depot - 1" to 1/2" reducers (between filter and pipe) and wood to mount the filter on ~$18
The Before:
The After (1 of 2):
The After (2 of 2):

I certainly won't miss the chlorine smell, and I'm really looking forward too chemical free water for showers/baths, cooking, boiling water for tea, etc...

Special thanks to my dad for supplying the majority of the know-how, tools, training, and labour!


# K. Janet Isfeld 2014-02-09 18:36
Great job.
# Daniel Isfeld 2014-02-10 19:04
It has certainly been great showering without the chlorine stink! :lol:
I learned today that what most people will do is install two of these in series. The first one catches sediment while the second one scrubs out the chlorine. Time with tell if the single chlorine filter will work out fine on it's own, or if it needs a pre-filter for sediment down the road.

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